Free loan and Valentine’s contest for a wellness stay with a quick Good Credit

Who gets a free loan and who can compete for Wellness with Good Credit? All new customers can apply for a free loan. This means those who have not used any offers or discounts at Good Credit in the past. If you are a new client, it does not matter if you take a loan for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

The first free loan action applies to all company offers.
The same applies when participating in the Valentine’s contest for wellness stays. All new clients who take a loan with Good Credit by February 28, 2019 will be included in the draw.

Except that the competition only applies to new customers, it has the same rules as all similar events organized by Good Credit. that employees and their family members are not allowed to participate, and you cannot redeem the prize for cash.

How will Good Credit determine the winner?

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Every client who “forgot” to enter the code “PRVNI2019” wins the free loan. The main prize, wellness stay in a 4 * hotel in Marianske Lazne will be won by a customer who takes a 100th micro-loan approved after the event.
Enjoy a wellness stay with Good Credit at Marianske Lazne
The winner will be able to relax in the Eagle Hotel for himself and his partner.

The hotel is located near Mariánské Lázně and offers not only accommodation in a double room, but also two three-course dinners and a rich breakfast for two people. Free on-site parking and unlimited access to the sauna and hot tub are also available. As a bonus, you will also be able to visit the indoor pool with counter-current and bubbles in the partner hotel.

What loan does Good Credit offer?

Good Credit provides a fast online loan up to USD 15,000 with a maximum maturity of 28 days. Due to its short maturity, it has a somewhat higher APRC for regular clients, which is however often compensated by frequent discounts and competitions, as well as a loyalty program.

Representative loan for new clients with the first free loan action

Representative loan for new clients with the first free loan action

Mrs. Milena wants to borrow 10,000 to buy a new refrigerator. After finding Good Credit, its choice is clear. Because it gets a payout after 20 days, it sets the maturity period to be 28 days.

In 28 days, it will only send the original USD 10,000 to the Good Credit account. This will pay 0% interest and APR. The loan is free. In addition, she took part in a draw for a wellness stay and has a chance to win a weekend full of rest.

Representative loan for regular clients

If you have already borrowed from Good Credit in the past, this event does not apply to you exceptionally. If the total amount of your loan before paying USD 10,000 with a maturity of 28 days, you will pay a loan fee of USD 2867. The total APRC for this loan will be 3426.44%. After 28 you will pay 13143,16 USD.